Sunday, May 29, 2011

How deeply should one bow before him?

I’ve been intrigued lately to hear radio advertising for the forthcoming visit to Australia and New Zealand of former British prime minister Tony Blair, who is of course these days hardly the most popular bloke in the UK. They’re calling his Auckland-only gig, ‘an audience with Tony Blair’. Ooh-er. An audience! Isn’t that what you get if you go see the Queen, or the Pope?
My understanding is that a meeting with the luminaries above usually comes free of charge. No such luck with the man who was once so fresh-faced and bright-eyed that they used to call him Bambi. If you care to trot along to Eden Park to join him for dinner (which is of course described as a 'banquet') and listen to him speak on leadership, negotiation and innovation, your basic ticket price is a thousand dollars. Chuck in a further $500 and you can meet him over a cocktail and have your picture taken with him. Smarming, groveling and forelock tugging optional, one assumes.

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