Sunday, May 1, 2011

The 'flourish over 50' workshop

A woman's middle years are often quite daunting. Why? Because, at around 50, it begins to dawn on her that she's not so valued any more. And until now, she has been. She's been valued overall for her youth - and maybe her beauty too, if she lucked out on that score. But maintenance becomes difficult and costly at midlife. The result: She fears she's sinking into invisibility.
She'll often have been valued at work, too, but realises at 50-ish that a horde of keen and well-skilled younger women is coming up behind her. Her good are her promotion prospects now? It becomes harder to know. That's scary.
She may have been valued as a mother too - but around now her children are in their teens or leaving home. Even they don't need her so much any more.
Does she have a partner? If so, how's that relationship going? If not, does she still have time to find another one?
So what's a woman to do at this crossroads in her life? What dreams does she have now? What's her plan for the next decade?
My friend Janis Grummitt, who's highly skilled at coaxing people in the business of making the most of themselves and their brainpower, is hosting a great day at the end of this month for women looking for self-development at the time of life when they really need it. I'm going to be there too, to present my own take over lunch on flourishing over 50.
Janis calls it 'You Developing You', and says the day's about discovering the secrets of wise women - learning the way we learn best: together. An expert in mind development, she points out (did you know this?) that wisdom potential begins in our brains at around 45 and you can fully flourish in your life after 50. Now that's good news!
It's happening on May 29 at the very pleasant Waves beachfront motel, Orewa, an easy drive north of Auckland. Earlybird price, up to May 21, $125 plus GST. A great day - with lunch included.
For more info contact Janis at or call her in New Zealand on 09 427 4511.
You can see all the info and register online too at this link.

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