Monday, December 3, 2012

How deeply I heart you

It’s an organ of many parts, the heart. As the body’s workhorse it keeps on busily pumping away more than 100,000 times a day to push blood around our bodies, a job we’re only too happy to delegate and forget about it… until and unless something goes wrong. But over and above all the muscular action we still doggedly persist in thinking the heart is the thing we feel with. We talk about how our hearts get broken or how they swell with pride or how our hearts go out to others in distress. And lately, in the social media world, we’ve begun to use heart as a verb, using either the word or a logo to express how much we love things.  People are hearting everything online from boyfriends and kittens to big, smelly cities. I haven’t yet heard it actually spoken in romantic dialogue though. As far as I know, no movie actor has gazed deeply into someone’s eyes and sighed, "Darling, I heart you". But it can only be a matter of time...   

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