Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stick it to us

The Post-it note is 30 years old this year. Can we imagine life without them? Ten years ago someone visited my office and laughed because I had yellow reminder notes to myself stuck around the edge of my monitor. "Post-it notes?" she jeered. "Use the Stickies tool on your Mac!" I do, but I still like scribbling and sticking. Newsweek magazine has a vivid collection of the crazy and vivid and political and sentimental things people have done with Post-it notes over the years.

As a for instance, I love this Korean bridal car - a mass of flapping yellow. Apparently they started out yellow because when 3M scientists were messing about with a new adhesive they happened to have some yellow scrap paper in the office. The idea languished for a while until one of the guys, who sang in his church choir, realised a tag of the sticky paper they'd been playing with would be a great way to keep his place in the hymn book. Small idea. Big business.

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